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Adult Merchant Account Solutions Explained

When in need of the top adult merchant account provider, High-Risk Payment Pro’s got you covered. High-Risk Payment Pro understands the distinct needs of the adult entertainment business’. We work to support your company with the intention of long term success so that your business can accept debit and credit cards and reach your clientele with the most efficient and effective technology out there.

High-Risk Payment Pro’s guarantees solutions and results for all businesses in the industry including online dating sites, adult toys, adult bookstores, adult ebooks, strip clubs, as well as adult content memberships to websites for streaming videos. We strive to make our clients confident that their adult entertainment business will succeed because we are confident that we can give you the top adult merchant account provider for the most economical rate.

My Adult Payment Processing Was Shut Down

High-Risk Payment Pro understands how hard it is to have a reliable adult merchant account provider. The adult entertainment industry has it harder than any other industry because most banks will deem the company as too risky to take on as a client.

Most of the time these leave your adult entertainment business in the dark resulting in the bank closing down your merchant account and the steady stream of money coming to a close. We encourage you to choose the right adult merchant account so this scenario does not happy, so choose High-Risk Payment Pro’s to get the right result.

How Payment Pro’s Can Help Your Adult Business Merchant Account

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There is no denying it can be incredibly taxing and demanding going through the process of finding the right merchant account provider for your unique business. It is not an uninvolved process, we understand you cannot just walk into a bank like Wells Fargo or Bank of America and ask for a loan for your adult merchant account. It is not so simple in this industry and no other merchant provider is as aware as we are.

Payment Pro’s can help get your adult business set up with a savvy payment processing system that is easy for your clients to use. Your clients deserve to easily access payment and we aspire to deliver the best payment processing technology so both the customer and business have a positive exchange. We make it our responsibility to have the best customer service for our clients. It is Payment Pro’s priority to make your adult entertainment business successful and the payments coming in!

  • Fill out an online application
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  • Start accepting payments and making money

Adult Business Merchant Account

Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts Are Considered High Risk

It’s true, once you fall under the “high risk” category it is hard to get a merchant account for the company unless it is a designated high-risk merchant account provider. Although merchants in the adult entertainment industry run lucrative businesses and abide by the strict rules and regulations, many banks will undoubtedly deny their applications because of the risk factor.

For example, if you apply to say PayPal for a merchant account provider, the chances you get immediately approved are low. However, fast forward to a few months later when you are processing payments with ease; PayPal will look into your account and quickly realize it is an adult entertainment business, and just like that your account is shut down. You are no longer taking credit card payments at all. This is not a quick fix, it will take a few months of the bank holding your transactions and a lot of stress.

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Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts

Why not! Payment Pro’s is here to guide the diverse adult related businesses and adult merchant accounts. We fully understand the industry in-depth and all the challenges adult entertainment businesses face, so we are here to give you the best experience imaginable. 

We want your business to flourish and grow for the long term. Payment Pro’s is an established and tech-savvy merchant provider that can get your business taking payments in no time!

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