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High-Risk Payment Pro’s can put your worries to ease knowing that your airline merchant account is accepting payments. The travel industry is referred to as “high risk” because of the nature of the transactions. Customers can be quick to redeem their reservations and more often than not a refund is issued. Therefore this categorizes the airline booking industry as high risk and worrisome for most merchant account providers. Not for us! We are here to help you and start accepting payments!

Facing Challenges with your current Credit Card Processor?

It is incredibly difficult for airline travel agencies to get accepted because the large risk of not being profitable. Payment Pro’s will go above to support your company and find solutions to your current dilemmas!

Banks tend to steer clear of airline businesses. Why is this the case? Well, chargebacks can be high because of the length of time between the sale of an airline ticket and the customer actually using it. Because life can get hectic and people have unpredictable changes, it is not uncommon for people to change their airline bookings.

Usually resulting in a chargeback because of the no refund policy. In other cases, it is easy for a person to declare a booking as fraudulent or disputed. Let’s say the individual wins the dispute, resulting in the client receiving a refund; the merchant account is then instructed to give a full refund to the customer.  High-Risk Payment Pro’s assists in chargeback prevention for your travel agency merchant account. 

Why Do You Need our Help with your Airline Booking Payment Processing?

High-Risk Payment Pro’s can guide your business to running smoothly. We can help you get approved quickly, we provide low rates that help you continue to make money and rapidly accept payments from customers.

Choosing the right bank is undeniably the most important step in owning a business. You don’t want to choose a provider that will later on shut down your airline merchant account because it is too risky of a business. Payment Pro’s is experienced with airline merchant accounts, and we work with a wide network of banks. Airline booking is a card-not-present payment so it is viewed as unreliable.

  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

How does being High Risk affect your Travel Merchant Account?

Let’s now discuss the effects being high risk will have on your merchant account. Due to being an extremely high-risk business the underwriting process is incredibly challenging and will come with a headache. You will experience higher transaction fees and monthly statements. This does not even compare to the bank requiring a huge amount sum of cash reserve in the case of chargebacks and money owed to the customer.

Underwriting is such a hassle because these banks expect a lot of initial information and documentation. For example, the bank will require that you present a year or more of bank statements and past payment processes. They will also want to view all your paperwork and tax returns. This is only the beginning of your experience with a bank that is skeptical of high-risk accounts. After all that headache, chances of them approving your business are slim to none. What a merchant account headache right?

We think so. Well, we are here to make your life much more simple. At Payment Pro’s we will not charge you these ridiculously high fees when going through us. We have the kind of experience a high-risk company needs when using a merchant account provider. Get approved today and start accepting payments for your airline booking business. Don’t waste time shuffling through different providers for your travel agency and go with one and one only, Payment Pro’s.

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Why not! Payment Pro fully understands the airline industry and all the challenges you face, so we are here to give you the best experience imaginable. 

We want your business to flourish and grow for the long term – luckily, we have the top technology, customer service, rates, and experience!

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