How to Open a Bad Credit Merchant Account

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Attempting to Open a Bad Credit Merchant Account?

Do you have bad credit? Are you looking to open a merchant account for your company but your bad credit is getting in the way? Chances are you have a low FICO score, or you have a bankruptcy in your credit history. This can be a huge turn off for banks. They are skeptical when working with you and eventually decide it’s too risky. On average 90 million Americans have acquired bad credit, but this is not a means to an end for your business. High-Risk Payment Pro’s offers services for Bad Credit Merchant Accounts. Another hurdle in this process is credit card chargebacks; this can be a major issue for the merchants when the funds are not recognized. Things like credit card chargebacks can become a huge issue for merchants. When a bank sees chargebacks occur consistently, this then categorizes the merchant as high risk. These chargebacks occur for a variety of reasons. For example, if the credit card used is actually stolen or fraud the bank does not receive the money that is owed to them. They will then confront you and your credit will sink lower and lower. Your credit score is based on how you respond to situations like these, do you pay up or look the other way? This can affect your credit score record and then affect many other situations in your life. The end result is the bank not agreeing to supply your business payment processing because your credit has a bad track record. That is where we come in, High Risk Payment Pro’s does not discriminate. We provide bad credit merchant accounts for high-risk business like yours.

What is a High-Risk Bad Credit Merchant Account?

What actually defines bad credit? Well, a credit score of 580 or less is usually considered bad credit merchant accounts. You most likely won’t get approved on your own, so you need to reach out to experts in this industry so you can have your business up and running. Your FICO credit score is taken into account when a bank and underwriter are deciding whether or not to accept your bad credit merchant account. High-Risk Payment Pro’s has tech-savvy solutions for your business and we are here to help you.

Was your Payment Processing for Your Bad Credit Merchant Account Shut Down?

About 34.8 percent of Americans with credit have bad credit. Applying for collection agency credit card processing with the intention to get a merchant account is trustworthy sensitive. A bank wants to be able to trust a collection agency will have the financial backings to front money when they owe the bank money. There is a large process when it comes to high-risk merchant account approval. The underwriter will assess your account and approval is difficult. Underwriting is usually a protection plan put in place so that there are limited losses that result in unpaid chargebacks, yearly fees, or regulatory losses from the card manufacturers. However, in an instant, your bad credit merchant account could be shut down. Usually, this is the case because a business does not properly calculate the chargeback ratio. Chargebacks occur because of a few reasons; usually resulting in dissatisfaction with services. If the chargebacks are too high then the bank no longer is inclined to do business with your debt collection account. It is disheartening when your collections agency merchant account keeps getting denied or worse, gets shut down. Here at Payment Pro’s, we have an in house underwriting team that will get you approved accepting payments in as little as 48 hours. We offer the best high-risk collection agency credit card processing solutions for your business.

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