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*Rates are quoted as % above card brands interchange costs, dues, fees, and assessments.

CBD and Hemp Merchant Account for Online Shopping Platforms

High-Risk Payment Pro understands how stressful it is to withhold a payment processor in the CBD and Hemp Oil industry. Finding a merchant account provider that you feel supported and comfortable with can be intimidating for even the most experienced CBD merchants. Payment Pro’s is helping businesses all over the world with their high-risk businesses. Credit card and payment processors are very sensitive to consumer chargebacks and avoid these industries like the plague.  CBD and Hemp oil companies are very vulnerable to a high volume of chargebacks. Most banks are reluctant to support this industry because of the risk of illegal activity.

Unfortunately, this prevents a blooming industry from receiving acceptance from reliable and supportive merchant account providers. There is amply opportunity in this fast-growing industry.

However, it is an uphill battle trying to find the right merchant account. What you need is to find a suitable high-risk CBD merchant account! That is where Payment Pro’s comes in. 

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Hemp and CBD Oil Merchant Account?

If you are facing termination of a CBD merchant account your incoming payments come to a halt, leading to insufficient funds in your accounts. CBD merchants will then find themselves in a stressful situation. The company is in a tight corner, owing to their bank a large amount of money without being unable to generate sales or access funds. Usually, the first mistake a high-risk business makes is signing on with a generic merchant account provider like Pay Pal or Square. So, your online credit card processor has restricted your CBD product sales. 

cbd merchant account was shut down

We understand how disheartening this kind of experience with a new business can be. High-Risk Payment Pro’s can recover and go one step further to transform your business into a money-making machine. We have the solutions for your CBD business. We have the right payment processing tools to help you with eCommerce for your business.     

Why is High Risk a Concern for your CBD and Hemp payment processing?

High-Risk Payment Pro’s is extremely experienced with savvy new technology for payment processing. However, being high risk is a concern for all involved. We are on board with you, it is incredibly difficult to obtain a merchant account provider for your CBD and hemp sales production. The oil is cultivated in a way that most merchant accounts would not be inclined to work with. CBD and hemp are completely legal however it has a bad and unfair connotation around it. Even though the universe is starting to see this industry in a more progressive way, there is still a strong stigma against it, CBD and hemp are sold in a range of different forms.

CBD Payment Processing

From CBD oil and CBD tinctures and drops to CBD creams and CBD gummies. It is incredibly healing for a variety of health problems, yet many people still cannot supply support for these CBD companies. No matter what way the CBD and hemp are presented to clients it is deemed as risky. Therefore the bank or lender will deny the merchant account application and move on to a more suitable company.

We are here to help your business have a strong online presence in the CBD and hemp industry. High-Risk Payment Pro’s has a fast approval rate and can get you sorted! Payment Pro’s can easily expand your market to deliver your services and products to your customers.

  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

How to Get a CBD Merchant Account

With the steps laid out on this page, we can accept CBD merchants at less than .03 percent THC. We cannot provide any merchant processing to any products that contain cannabidiol. cannabinoid, tetra-hydrosol-cannabinol, or THC in excess percentage.

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High-Risk Payment Pro’s is the most reliable and experienced payment processing for your CBD and Hemp related business. We have the most advanced technology in the merchant account industry. With our competitive rates, fast and easy approval, and strong banking relationships you will be confident in our services. So when shopping for your match we have got you covered! Payment Pro’s will get you accepted and processing payments in no time!

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