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Are you in need of a continuity merchant account provider? Do you need to start accepting payments from customers. We are here to help! Continuity merchant accounts are structured for selling subscription products, digital products, memberships and recurring billing cycle. Frequently this is eCommerce payments and we are well versed with your unique needs for your continuity merchant account business.   

Continuity mechant accounts are considered as high risk and business owners can run into problems when they are in the market for credit card processors. However, here at High Risk Payment Pro’s we work with a variety of high risk businesses including contunuity merchant accounts. If you are in search of a comprehensive and experienced merchant account for your high risk continuity business Payment Pro’s has got you covered. 

Continuity Merchant Account Has Been Shut Down?

The biggest concern for continuity merchant accounts is usually wracking up the chargebacks. As a business owner you understand the pure frustration around chargebacks. A chargeback is when an individual calls to report an unfamiliar charge on their credit card, they declare to the customer service rep that they did not authorize this purchase. Common causes of chargebacks are that they don’t recognize the purchase, they are dissatisfied with the product or service, they never recieved it, or defective product. The amount charged is then refunded to the users bank account.

Within the continuity billing industry it is most common for someone to say they never issued the business to bill their card. This is a complicated and common problem with continuity merchant accounts. Because it is promarily supscription based many companies will charge someones card because they forgot to cancel their membership.  Continuity merchant account chargebacks usually have a ripple effect. The individual complains to their bank, the bank then contacts the continuity merchant account provider who then contacts the company. This biggest hassle is the time frame. All of this disputing takes time and during the time the profits you made are now held in a different account.

Therefor, taking money out of your continuity billing bank account until the dispute has come to a settlement. It is best avoid this all together but we understand problems occur and we can be your support network. There is an option to speak up and go against the accusation of the disputer. If the continuity merchant account can prove the charge was justified and rightfully done then the funds will once again reach your account.  

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances of Getting a Continuity Merchant Account?

The best advice a small company can recieve is to always be very aware of the chargeback ratios. It is very possible to avoid chargebacks, however if the chargebacks build up it can have a negative important on the merchant account leading to a complete shut down of the businesses income funnel.

A customer can file a problem at anytime for any reason and opt for a refund. It is very unsettling for continuity merchant account when this occurs because it is another strike against the company. If multiple chargebacks occur chances are your credit card processor will add and increase fees and extra charges for the chargeback to your continuity billing merchant account. That fee is on top of the actual loss of the purchase if the disputer wins the case. The worst outcome would be that because of the high volume of chargebacks your merchant account decides to terminate and shut down your continuity merchant account. This makes continuity companies very high risk and difficult to find a reliable and understanding card processing provider. It doesn’t have to affect your chances of succeeding if you go with the right merchant account provider. At High Risk Payment Pro’s we have your back and put chargeback protection in place so you have flourish in this industry.

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How Can High Risk Payment Pro’s Help with my Continuity Merchant Account?

This matters because as a continuity company it is important that your mercahnt account does not get shut down, because then your whole business will shut down if you do not have a payment processor. The money will stop coming in and you will fail as a business.

What causes this kind of failure in a new business?

Well, as we discussed repeat offenders of chargebacks will demolish a company.  High Risk Payment Pro’s is a qualified and reliable merchant account provider for high risk accounts. We help to guide your business in the right direction. We have strong banking relationships, in house underwriters, and extensive experience in continuity billing industry. If you choose the right payment processor you set your business up for success. Began by making the first step by filling out our quick application and recieving a free quote. Our continuity merchant account experts will take care of all your needs and give you the quality you deserve for your continuity merchant account. 

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High Risk Payment Pro’s understands the unique needs of different continuity merchant account related businesses. At High Risk Payment Pro’s we understand the challanges businesses face once they are categorized as high risk. We have the expert experience in getting continuity merchant accounts approved and accepting online payments in no time!

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