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Looking for a Cryptocurrency Merchant Account?

Look no further, High Risk Payment Pro’s has got you covered. Cryptocurrencies have become a huge market and many people diving into the large financial gains that come with it. There are close to 2,000 different cryptocurrencies currently so you can imagine the demand has risen for merchants to accept this form of payment. Most people are familiar with the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, because of its strong reputation.

However, many businesses struggle when securing a merchant account that accepts crypto or virtual payments.

On the topic of bitcoin, there are debit cards available for online purchases as well as ATM withdrawals. This is called virtual, or crypto, payment processing. Digital currencies are expanding all over the world and becoming hugely popular, therefore it is important as a business owner to not miss out on the extra income this industry can bring. If a customer uses crypto it is a waste to not add a cryptocurrency merchant account, allowing you to process the customer’s payment with ease. Regular merchant accounts choose not to handle these types of currencies for a variety of reasons. That is why you need a high-risk cryptocurrency merchant account provider. You do not need to handle the cryptocurrencies yourself, we are here to help you! The payment processing service converts them into dollars into your regular bank account. Cryptocurrency is a growing technology and this digital revolution is going to stick around. Protect your companies or investments by decreasing the chance of risks with a cryptocurrency merchant account with a provider that has experience in high-risk payment processing.

Cryptocurrency is quite a new industry, so most acquiring banks are unsure how to handle the risks associated with cryptocurrency merchant accounts. Banks are reluctant to make the effort to understand and take on processing payments for this industry because of the risk it could take on the bank. The first step is to stay away from banks that are uncomfortable with the cryptocurrency industry and find a suitable merchant account provider that has experience managing the risks associated with cryptocurrency merchant accounts.  High-Risk Payment Pro’s specializes in cryptocurrency merchant account and payment processing solutions.  

Has Payment Processing for Your Cryptocurrency Account Been Shut Down?

Are you struggling with a cryptocurrency merchant account provider that no longer feels comfortable helping your business? Well, we are here to help. With our high approval rate, low fees, technology-savvy, and long term experience with cryptocurrency merchant accounts, High-Risk Payment Pro’s can propel your business back into success. Cryptocurrency merchant services are considered high risk by specific banks primarily due to the lack of knowledge about the industry and the pricing volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Payment Pro’s has trusted domestic and offshore banking partners to help establish cryptocurrency merchant accounts while saving your company money on processing fees. We have extensive experience with high-risk merchant accounts.

Why Does Being High Risk Affect Getting a Cryptocurrency Processing Account?

Cryptocurrency merchant accounts fall into the high-risk category for a variety of reasons. High risk can affect approval for a cryptocurrency merchant account because the Cryptocurrency merchant account is a completely online platform for payment since this industry is purely digital, card not present payment. Because of this, it makes merchant account providers incredibly worrisome and nervous signing on a cryptocurrency or eCommerce business. Bitcoin is created by solving a complex mathematical algorithm on a personal computer. Cryptocurrencies are stored, sent, and received using online wallets and merchant accounts. These coins can only be used to make purchases from merchants that accept cryptocurrency. It is important to be decisive when choosing the right merchant account because it is disheartening when you get denied or even shut down by a merchant account that does not cater to high-risk businesses’ needs.

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How Can High-Risk Payment Pro’s Help Me Get Merchant Account Solutions for Cryptocurrency?

High-Risk Payment Pro’s has extensive experience with high-risk businesses. We understand the challenges most individuals face with a cryptocurrency merchant account. Why choose Payment Pros? Well, it’s in the name “high risk” is our specialty and we provide the support you need for payment processing transactions. We work with a network of acquiring banks that are happy to provide cryptocurrency merchant account services, so your customers can process payments and buy debit or credit cards with bitcoin. At High-Risk Payment Pro’s we have competitive rates, quick approval, high volume credit or debit card processing, chargeback prevention, and fabulous customer service. Payment Pro’s works with you and provides cryptocurrency merchant account solutions so you can feel confident and comfortable knowing your transactions are being processed. 

Looking for a Cryptocurrency merchant account?

Why High-Risk Payment Pros?

Well, for starters it’s in the name, high risk, that is our specialty. At High-Risk Payment Pro’s we understand the challenges businesses face once they are categorized as high risk. We have the expert experience in getting Cryptocurrency Merchant Accounts approved and accepting online payments in no time!


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