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Looking for a Dating Merchant Account?

If you are interested in diving into an extremely profitable industry you have chosen the right one. Online dating If you are in the online dating industry it is important you have a high-risk merchant account that specializes in payment processing for online dating merchants, or else you won’t be making any money!

A high-risk merchant account has the ability to process transactions and takes payments so your slow and steady stream of income can hit your bank account. Our goal at High-Risk Payment Pro’s is to give you a dependable and positive payment processing for your online dating merchant account.  Dating websites are extremely popular because of the ability to instantly connect with someone. It can be hard moving to a new city, for work or school, and not knowing anyone. Who doesn’t want to ride off into the sunset with the man or woman of their dreams? Some dating websites and apps help people seek partners who share a common religious or ethnic background.

Other more general dating websites connect you with matches to bond over mutually shared interests, hobbies, and passions. Dating websites match you up with compatible mates so that you can live your happily ever after. Over 17% of marriages start through online dating. It is shocking but a little more than 1 in 6 marriages begin online. About 17% of marriages and 20% of relationships begin from dating websites. Clearly, there is a demand for this niche market. Almost everyone wants to find their perfect match, however, because of the advance in technology many people resort to only online dating when it comes to finding the right person or even just a hookup. 

There are many successful dating websites, however, what really lies in their success is a reliable and dependable dating merchant account provider. If a dating platform does not have a respectable and knowledgeable dating merchant account for their payment processing then the chances of success are slim to none. Merchant accounts or payment processors is how to business accepts payments from customers. Usually, with dating websites, there is either a one time rate you pay to get access to the many potential lovers, or a regular membership billing cycle each month or annually. 

Has Payment Processing for Your Dating Merchant Account Been Shut Down?

So, your dating website is killing it and it has created a buzz with many clients. However, your dating merchant account has decided that its time to shut you down because you are a high-risk merchant. This means you lose money, your stream of income comes to a halt, and you are instantly stress-induced. Well, High-Risk Payment Pro’s is here to help with your dating merchant account solutions. When on the hunt for the perfect payment processor it is important to choose wisely. The online dating industry is classified as high risk, therefore you will need to partner with a credit card processing provider that specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. We understand the unique needs of your online dating related business. If your online dating site has an international clientele, you will have to have the ability to process several different kinds of currencies. There is a lot to think about when opening a dating merchant account in order to avoid potential termination or denial of your payment processor.

Why Does Being High Risk Affect Getting a Dating Merchant Account?

The online dating world can get a bit messy because there are emotions tied to this industry. For example, if a client or customer signs up for one of your memberships and does not find their perfect mate, chances of #them canceling their membership and demanding a refund are pretty high. The number of chargebacks can escalate quickly and eventually shut a business down. Most dating credit card account providers are skeptical about online dating websites because there is always a chance the website is actually being used for prostitution and escort services. This is illegal so many banks steer clear of supporting online dating processing accounts. Usually, this kind of scenario is quickly brought to the surface, the bank’s underwriters can thoroughly investigate the dating website and make sure there is no illegal activity. If the underwriters do not fully check up on the application and accept the dating credit card account then there can be trouble down the road for the company. We understand how difficult and unfair it truly is to secure a dating merchant accounts. How can you make money if credit and debit card payment processing will not supply your company with a dating processing account?

Once categorized as high risk it is nearly impossible to be accepted by banks. They will turn down potential earnings when a business applies for a dating credit card account because it is labeled as high risk. There is a generally higher risk for chargebacks and fraudulent activity by clients than the normal merchant. High-risk merchant accounts have it harder than any other business in the online dating industry. Here at High-Risk Payment Pro’s, we have the necessary tools your business needs to implement a dating merchant account for your customers to process payments.

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How Can High-Risk Payment Pro’s Help Me Get Merchant Account Solutions for Dating?

High-Risk Payment Pro’s has the knowledge your online dating related business needs to succeed. We have the savvy technology and amazing customer service so we not only generate new customers but retain happy customers looking for your dating services. Payment Pro understands the unpredictable nature of online dating companies and we have the experience to solve any issues. No matter what the situation is we can handle it for you! Payment Pro’s can give you the resources to have longevity for your dating merchant account.   

Looking for a Dating merchant account?

Why High-Risk Payment Pros?

Well, for starters it’s in the name, high risk, that is our specialty. At High-Risk Payment Pro’s we understand the challenges businesses face once they are categorized as high risk. Payment Pro’s has strong banking relationships and savvy technology to bring you the payment processing you and your customers deserve. We have the expert experience in getting Dating Merchant Accounts approved and accepting online payments in no time!

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