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Looking for Debt Repayment Merchant Account Solutions?

Once someone has come to the harsh conclusion they are ready to finally be out of debt, what do they do? Who do they go to? Well, debt repayment is a multi-billion dollar business with many people wanted to finally live their lives free of the debt hanging over their heads every time they buy a Starbucks latte. We are here to help your debt repayment businesses manage their finances and process payments on accounts smoothly. 

Are you in search of a Debt Repayment merchant account and don’t know which one to choose? Well if you are on the hunt for card processing for your new debt repayment businesses it is important to understand your industry. The debt repayment industry is labeled as high risk when it comes to processing online transactions. Debt repayment is paying a previous lender back borrowed money. Usually, the funds are paid off in small increments periodically over time. There is always some kind of interest tacked on to the debt repayment.

Clearly, it can be a bit unreliable since these individuals are paying off their debt and could or could not have the money one month and not enough for the payment fee the next month. Therefore, debt repayment merchant accounts are labeled as high risk for banks and card processors. Not for us, here at High-Risk Payment Pros, we have the savvy technology and long term experience to take care of your debt repayment business. Thousands of people are setting up debt repayment plans and there is a huge profit for these companies. We understand the risk in debt repayment credit card processing but we have the knowledge your business needs.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Debt Repayment Merchant Account?

High-Risk Payment Pros has helped numerous debt repayment companies restore and open their merchant accounts after being affected by a shutdown. We understand how disheartening it can be when your income funnel is completely shut down and the funds stop hitting your bank account. It is stressful and nerve-wracking that the power is in someone else’s hands when it comes to your business. There are a few reasons why a debt repayment merchant account is categorized as high risk and ultimately would be shut down with any traditional bank. There is a largely popular unstable client base. Considering they are already in debt and trying to reconcile does not mean that it won’t happen again where they are unable to make payments. These individuals are already under a significant amount of financial stress, chances are limited that they can pay the amount every month.

Recurring payments are another common result of shutdowns. Sometimes debt repayment companies have a recurring fee for their services. Recurring fees are the main culprit for a high chargeback ratio. A customer might be alarmed when they see and unfamiliar and inconvenient charge. They will immediately contact their bank and say it is fraud or a wrong charge. The high risk of fraud is also a huge issue with debt repayment merchant accounts. Because of the unique nature of the industry, there can be a high number of fraudulent cases. There are risk preventions you can attempt to resolve these issues, however, not many banks or merchant accounts will help your business since it is high risk. If your debt repayment merchant account has been shut down, don’t worry. High-Risk Payment Pros has got you covered and can get you processing payments in no time! If you choose a traditional bank to process your payments your debt repayment merchant account might get either denied or shut down. Don’t wait until it’s too late, sign up with us today with our simple and fast application process.

Why Does this Matter and How Can High-Risk Payment Pros Help with my Debt Repayment Merchant Account?

If your business matters to you it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to set your company up for success. Debt Repayment related businesses will need a reliable high-risk credit card processor. It is so important to have a healthily running business High-Risk Payment Pros can help your business with securing payments with high risk for fraudulent activity.

We have the experience and savvy technology to reduce the probability of your chargebacks occurring and prevent customers and banks from issuing refunds. We have reliable and dedicated customer service reps that will go above and beyond for your debt replacement merchant account. We are not here to make a pretty penny, at Payment Pros we want to see you thrive in the debt replacement industry. Don’t waste time applying to traditional and generic banks that will deny you or eventually shut you down. High-Risk Payment Pros understands your market and can give you the services you deserve. Begin by applying with us today using our simple and fast application and get approved in less than 24 hours!


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How Does Being High Risk affect your Debt Repayment Merchant Account?

Being classified as a business with high-risk merchant account can feel incredibly restricting. However, if the correct merchant account provider is chosen it is much more reassuring and your business has a better chance of success. Once thrown into the high-risk pile not many banks will be willing to work with you. Therefore, it makes options limited and challenges the business. Debt repayment merchant accounts can be easily affected because of the elevated risk in the business.

The debt repayment merchant account could be shut down and lose a lot of money in the meantime. The merchant account could go through a lot of scrutinies because of the high ratio of chargebacks. The merchant could potentially go into a negative balance and the acquired bank would take money from the merchant. This is incredibly bad for business and could affect the longevity of the company. High-Risk Payment Pros is here to guide your business in the right direction. We have expert underwriters that work with you to get your debt repayment merchant account approved and accepting payments right away!

Looking for a Debt Repayment merchant account?

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High-Risk Payment Pro’s is well versed with the unique needs of the different debt repayment related businesses and has established acquiring banking relationships. We are experts in getting debt repayment merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments in no time.


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