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Need to Open a Gaming Merchant Account?

High-Risk Payment Pro’s is the go-to for gaming merchant account solutions in this industry. Maybe you are looking to select your card processing to go with your new casino or gaming-related business, Payment Pro’s has got you covered. We specialize in any and all high-risk merchant accounts. Debit and credit cards are used for gaming merchant accounts and transactions so it’s important to choose the perfect card processor. There are many illegal ways to go about this industry therefore banks and card processors immediately have restricted what merchant accounts are allowed. Everyone deserves to run a successful business but not everyone knows exactly how to go about doing so. Well, the simple answer is to be aware of the gaming industries’ unique and specific needs in order to thrive.

Some states have made the effort to shut down the gaming industry as a whole. To avoid transactional drama with customers you must have the right payment processor. Because gaming merchant accounts are subjected to high risk it is important to implement a high-risk merchant account provider that can handle all problems. A generic bank does not have underwriting abilities to offer you an online gaming merchant account. When you sign up with a high-risk gaming merchant account it is important to anticipate higher fees than a traditional bank. This is because high-risk merchants have the tools and experience to truly save your business from taking on too many chargebacks and eventually hurting your business.

Was Your Gaming Merchant Account Shut Down By Your Processor?

So you might be wondering why a merchant account would be shut down? Well, it is more common than you think. The main culprit is having a high ratio of chargebacks. What’s a chargeback? A chargeback is when the customer disputes an unusual charge on their debit or credit card. The customer will call the number on the back of the card and claim to not have authorized the purchase.  They will insist they deserve a chargeback; the charge isn’t one they recognize, they never got the item they purchased, the product wasn’t what they wanted, not authentic merchandise. can be incredibly frustrating for a business when the customer was rightfully so charged.

However, even if the charge was correct and the customer forgot the monthly charge and was a sore loser, this interaction can affect a business’s relationship with the acquired bank. This can then lead to a downhill spiral, eventually, the gaming merchant account is shut down and the company could go out of business. This creates a stressful scenario. The customer will contact their bank who charged them, who then contacts the merchant account company who then contacts you. As the business owner, you are given the opportunity to repute this chargeback and stand up for your company. If a business accumulates too many chargebacks it can be dangerous for the longevity of the gaming-related business.

Gaming merchant accounts need to be thought out and chose wisely. Preferably a high-risk merchant account that has the experience and knowledge you need to back up your business. High-Risk Payment Pro’s puts your business first, we understand the unique risk in a gaming merchant account. We provide reliable and reputable gaming merchant account solutions.

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances for Online Gaming Payment Processing?

As most business owners know you are at the mercy of your bank. Why is this? Well, your bank can hold and freeze your funds from you The bank’s underwriting and focus do not just immediately stop once your gaming merchant account is opened. With Payment Pro’s there is constant risk monitoring that is associated with all our high-risk merchant accounts. If your business is classified as high risk, there is a very small chance you will get accepted with traditional banks for a gaming merchant account. Let’s say your business is opened under false pretenses, the likelihood of the bank shutting it down is instant and definite. This can lead to a headache that could have been avoided. A few reasons for gaming merchant account shut down are claims of fraud, gambling laws and gov regulations and laws, and high-ticket items. There are gaming merchant account providers out there that fit your needs, it is vital that you take the time and methodically choose the one that fits your needs and supports the safety of your company.


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How Can High-Risk Payment Pro’s Help With Gaming Credit Card Processing?

The gambling and gaming industry has a reputation for running illegitimate and “sketchy” businesses. There are a variety of high-risk issues that underwriters look for when processing your application. However, at High-Risk Payment Pros our underwriters work with your gaming-related business to get you approved and accepting payments. Traditional banks do not want to assume the role involved in this industry. That is merely because they do not have the experience and knowledge to handle such a sensitive and high-risk business. At Payment Pro’s we know how to manage your business. Payment Pros is leading the industry for high-risk payment processing and especially those new businesses that are looking to acquire an online gaming merchant account. 

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High-Risk Payment Pro is well versed with the unique needs of the different firearm-related businesses and has established acquiring banking relationships. We are experts in getting firearms merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments in no time.


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