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Looking for a Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is sometimes referred to as a pyramid scheme or network/referral marketing by people who are not familiar with how successful this industry is. Multi-Level Marketing is when an individual becomes a product supplier. The person could supply any number of products all the way from fitness supplements, lingerie, to yard accessories. The list goes on and on. The individual gets paid a commission on how many sales are generated by other vendors that he or she recruits. Basically, the person’s salary is based on the recruiting of new distributors.

This unique and powerful industry is based on relationships and conversing with others in regards to the product. These individuals that sell the product have access to much cheaper and discounted rates, they then resell the product at the increased price and make a nice chunk of change off the sale. Over 800,000 people are working full time building independent businesses and direct vendors for companies through multi-level marketing. 4.5 million are currently working part-time for extra income. Multi-Level Marketing industry is ever-growing and expanding with many hopeful and motivated individuals.

Apply to get fast approval for your multi-level marketing merchant account today with High-Risk Payment Pros. It is important to be aware that multi-level marketing merchant accounts are subjected to high risk. At Payment Pros, we have long term experience with high-risk merchant accounts and understand the needs or multi-level marketing merchant account solutions.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account?

A common concern for the majority of banks and credit card processors is businesses that encompass high risk. Banks tend to steer clear of any company looking for payment processing that is considered high risk. This is usually because they don’t know how to handle the business. Multi-level marketing merchant accounts are less likely to be approved for payment processing by banks because of the unknown and unstable nature of the industry. However, this doesn’t mean multi-level marketing businesses don’t deserve the same quality payment processing. Chargebacks are incredibly high in this industry, however, if you find a payment processor that understands chargebacks and is well versed in chargeback prevention you will be successful. There is a lot of legal issues surrounding multi-level marketing merchant accounts. For example, if a customer feels that the products being sold are useless, fake, or not what they expected then they will claim a refund resulting in a chargeback for the company. This can harm a company and lead to a problematic merchant account.

Unfortunately, some multi-level marketing businesses have given others a bad name. Some of these unique companies are actually scams and do not really care for the independent vendors. The person is rewarded with more money if they sign up a certain amount of people to their “team”; leaving a bad taste in the bank’s mouth. After some time, banks began denying or shutting down these types of business models; which made it incredibly challenging for legitimate multi-level marketing companies to access reliable and reputable payment processing. Seems pretty unfair right? We think so. At High-Risk Payment Pros we will get your multi-level marketing merchant account accepting payments in no time. We understand the struggle for high-risk merchant accounts and we are here to support and guide you to be the best version possible.

Why Does this Matter and How Can High-Risk Payment Pros Help with my Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account?

There is a level of unpredictable growth patterns in the multi-level marketing business model. Banks have seen certain trends in this industry that make them wary and resistant to these types of businesses. All of this matters because if a bank is reluctant to take you on as a client or they straight out deny you it will be hard to get your business as successful as you’d like. Even though it would be financially beneficial for a bank to accept the application, they don’t want to take a chance on approving multi-level merchant accounts. Most high-risk merchant account providers always charge a high fee per transaction and limit the amount of money processed at a given time. However, with High-Risk Payment Pros, we are experienced in the high-risk industry and know how to provide quality processing with no limits.


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How Does Being High Risk affect your Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account?

The most important aspect of all is this is how it can personally affect your business. Well, only if you let it! If you do apply to a traditional bank they might approve your application. However, after some time of high chargebacks and various issues with the merchant account provided they will shut it down and your business will be left desperate for payment processing. Because of the ridiculous amount of fraudulently marketed products, our underwriters want to make sure companies are promoting quality products that aren’t overpriced.

At Payment Pros, we check the ins and outs of a business and do everything we can to help get you approved. We choose to work with law-abiding establishments that have a difficult time getting reliable payment processing. We offer affordable multi-level marketing merchant account services for businesses that promote quality and authentic products. We make sure we are working with a company that does not have overpriced merchandise, and is healthy or “not harmful” to the public.

Looking for A Multi-level Marketing merchant account?

Why High-Risk Payment Pros?

Well, for starters it’s in the name, high risk, that is our specialty. At High-Risk Payment Pro’s we understand the challenges businesses face once they are categorized as high risk. We have the expert experience in getting multi-level marketing merchant accounts approved and accepting online payments in no time! Apply for a free quote today!


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