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Looking for a Coaching and Seminar Merchant Account?

This might come as surprise to many businesses when attempting to apply for merchant account solutions. Well, coaching and seminar merchant accounts are categorized as high risk. Seminars and coaching can be incredibly expensive and therefore the profit is unimaginable. There is a high ticket volume for these companies which can create a large number of chargebacks.

At High-Risk Payment Pros, we know what is important to our customers, high-quality payment processing (money), and customer satisfaction. We have grasped the concept of what works with our high-risk business clientele. Traditional banks are not well versed with high ticket accounts like coaching and seminar merchant accounts and that can be very frustrating for a business that needs immediate attention with payment processing. 

While a coaching and seminars merchant account is classified as high risk for a number of reasons, we understand that it makes it difficult to find a reputable processing partner. High-Risk Payment Pros has the long term experience and knowledge your business needs to succeed.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Coaching and Seminar Merchant Account?

Most federal banks would be happy to sponsor your business if there was no risk involved. However, once classified as high risk, banks like Wells Fargo and Chase stay far away from partaking in the credit card processing portion of the business. As soon as a high-risk business applies to their processor they will deny the application. It can be dangerous when a payment processing company just accepts the account without realizing it is a high risk. Once, they understand that coaching and seminar merchant account is in fact high risk, they will cancel and shut down the payment processing.

Due to excessive chargebacks from customers, a bad rep is given to coaching and seminar merchant accounts. Almost all traditional banks will instinctually deny your application for payment processing. That is if you are lucky. Most businesses would choose a denied application over an acceptance then later down the line have their company completely shut down.

Once a high-risk coaching and seminars merchant account is shut down it is difficult to come back from that. That means the bank withdrew money straight from the account and could leave a business in debt, or with a negative account balance. This is predominantly due to the volatile nature of coaching and seminar businesses. Chargebacks occur when there is a dissatisfied customer or they think they deserve a refund either because the services promised were not delivered or they are unfamiliar with a certain charge on their bank statement.

It is important to look for a company that supports and works with high-risk merchant accounts. Another way to save yourself future hassle is to question the business development person so that you can see if the payment processor aligns with your business’s needs. High-Risk Payment Pros is here to help propel your coaching and seminar related business off in the right direction.

How Can High Risk Payment Pros Help with my Coaching and Seminars Merchant Account?

High-Risk Payment Pros has years of experience with high-risk companies. We understand the sensitivity of these businesses and the importance of healthy payment processing. Our strong banking relationships give us access to many options as far as payment processing. when you find a coaching and seminars merchant account that is exact and specific to your business needs, it limits the stress of your company’s performance by ensuring that your business continues to run profitably and smoothly.

At High-Risk Payment Pros we give all of our customers the attention they deserve with high quality and efficiency. Don’t wait for any more to find the perfect payment processing and apply today with our fast and simple application.


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How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Coaching and Seminar Merchant Account?

Once classified as a high-risk merchant account your business is in danger of a high rate of chargebacks. How can you choose the right merchant account provider? Well, it is important to look at all of your options available. At Payment Pros, we help mitigate the dangers that come with processing high-risk transactions on a regular basis.

Don’t settle for a company that can’t give you and your business what you deserve. If your business is categorized as the high risk most banks will stay away and deny or shut down your account which ultimately hurts your business. High-Risk Payment Pro is incomparable to any other provider. 

Looking for A Coaching & Seminar merchant account?

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High-Risk Payment Pro’s is well versed with the unique needs of the different firearm-related businesses and has established acquiring banking relationships. We are experts in getting firearms merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments in no time.


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