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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, helps websites get to the top of Google search in an organic and effective manner. Transactions are still involved even though SEO is not paid google ads, the need for an SEO merchant account is vital to be successful. SEO’s need a merchant account, but not just any merchant account. SEO companies need a merchant account whose provider has long term experience and knowledge with high risk merchant accounts. If you are a fairly new SEO business and you are looking to open payment processing to you can begin making money, it is improtant you understand the SEO industry.

SEO is considered high risk by traditional banks, therefor these banks are not willing to accept SEO merchant account applications. If you are in search of SEO merchant account solutions we have the services you need to become a successful and known business in the industry. SEO related marketing businesses are recognized as high risk companies in the credit card processing world. So it is very important to choose a reliable and safe processor.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your SEO Merchant Account?

The most common situations with high risk merchant accounts we see are companies that get shut down. A few reasons for SEO merchant account shut downs are due to a high history of chargebacks, high-ticket sales, a business that traditional banks are reluctant to sign up, and industry with conflicts between billing and delivery of the services they provide. Also, any industry that has recurring billing/payments, and membership fees usually have a large chargeback ratio. SEO and SEM businesses usually have high-ticket values. The transactions are large sums of money which can immediately put a business in a vulnerable position with merchant account providers.

Due to the large amount of money going from one account to the other via merchant account, there is a long delay between billing and delivery service which creates tension between the underwriter and banks. High Risk Payment Pros has the long term experience your SEO merchant account deserves. We understand the sensitive and special needs of an SEO business and SEO merchant account.

Why Does this Matter and How Can High Risk Payment Pros Help with my SEO Merchant Account?

High Risk Payment Pros offers you tech savvy technology and software to help prevent any fraudulent activity. In the case that fraudulent activity does happen Payment Pros will support your SEO business and not shut your account down under any circumstance. In general, high risk merchant accounts can be greatly affected and find it difficult to have a well functioning business.

Payment Pros makes it simple, fast, and effective for the longevity of your SEO merchant account.


  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

How Does Being High Risk affect your SEO Merchant Account?

Payment Pros specializes in working with high risk merchants, and we have numerous acquiring banking relationships that offer and support SEO merchant accounts. We do our best to now let the odds win against your unique high risk SEO merchant account. Our underwriters work with your SEO related business to get you approved. They give clear and concisise advice before the application process.

They explain the importance there is a fully developed business model instilled for success. It is vital to have clear pricing, products, return policies if your SEO businesses is fairly new. However, if you have an existing businesses we like to see that there is a clear record of the SEO company with a good reputation.

Looking for a SEO merchant account?

Why High Risk Payment Pro’s?

We understand the search engine optmization space and what our merchants need. With over 10+ banking relationships and multiple payment solutions and unparalleled customer service, high risk payment pro’s are your ideal partner for high risk merchant processing.


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