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*Rates are quoted as % above card brands interchange costs, dues, fees, and assessments.

Need to Open a Short Term Lenders Merchant Account?

Here at High Risk Payment Pros, we pride ourselves on being the go to merchant account provider in the high risk merchant industry. We use our skills and high savvy technology to take care of your businesses needs. Payment Pros has helped many businesses secure reliable payment processing for their short term lenders merchant account. We have methodically taken time to understand and learn about our clients business so we can deliver the best quality merchant account services.

There is an ever growing demand for amazing high risk payment processing, we are the leading provider and with every client we live up to it. Over recent years there has been a skyrocket in debit and credit card usage and accepting electronic payments is a must for all businesses.

Short term lenders have brought in around 10 million dollars domestically. This unique industry is growing High Risk Payment Pros offers numerous options available for those seeking short term lenders merchant account. We specialize in high risk credit card processing, chargeback management, and payment gateway. Talk to our amazing team and apply today to learn about our short term lenders merchant account services.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Short Term Lenders Merchant Account?

Traditional banks have a very decisive and opinionated vision of what sets high-risk businesses apart from low and normal risk businesses. Most banks are incredibly strict and have unwavering guidelines regarding which accounts they will accept and which ones they will deny.

If you have experienced being rejected for payment processing services or had your short term lenders merchant account shut down due to your business type then we want to reassure you it is not the end of the road for you. There are a number of reasons for short term lenders merchant account shut downs. There is always ways to avoid this kind of frustration and headache from happening.

If your payment processing as been shut down there is still hope for you. It just means you are destined to choose a more suitable and reliable short term lenders merchant account. At High Risk Payment Pros we will never shut down your account, our experienced team of underwriters work together to get you approved and accepting payments with ease. To protect the survival and growth of your company choose Payment Pros!

How Can High Risk Payment Pros Help with my Short Term Lenders Merchant Account?

If you have any knowledge on payment processors you might understand a few providers that work against high risk companies. For example, Stripe, PayPal, and Square do not complete their underwriting procedure at the time of the application approval. This can cause quite a bit of conflict for the optimistic new start up that applied to reliable processing. Once the provider reviews the application they will soon realize it is for a short term lenders merchant account. It seems unfair considering your businesses has currently been processing payments with ease from their services. However, it is a big deal because your account will be immediately frozen. That means the provider has kicked you off their server and no credit card payments are currently being processed. That means a loss of business, time, and money for you! At High-Risk Payment Pros we not only will support your business but we specialize in high risk accounts so we will not shut you down. Our underwriting team thoroughly looks into the ins and outs of your business before application approval.


  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Short Term Lenders Merchant Account?

When dealing with high risk related businesses it is simple, if your chargeback ratio is high than your’e in trouble. If there is a high amount of chargebacks then most likely these transactions/refunds go unpaid by the business owner or merchant account provider. Within the merchant account industry this is a huge problem considering it is known as the result of a significant financial and growth loss for credit card payment processors. Sponsored banks who monitor this kind of activity are not impressed. Banks like VISA or Mastercard become increasingly skeptical with high risk businesses.

Not only will the sponsor bank shut down the short term lenders merchant account if they go above 2% in chargebacks but they will also add additional fines on your last bill. These businesses that are unfamiliar with high risk accounts will be ruthless when it comes to problematic merchant accounts and transactions. At High-Risk Payment Pros we will never leave your business in the dark. We will always provide top quality payment processing and go above and beyond to help your business grow and become successful. 

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Well, for starters it’s in the name, high risk, that is our specialty. At High Risk Payment Pro’s we understand the challenges businesses face once they are categorized as high risk. We have the expert experience in getting cruise line merchant accounts approved and accepting online payments in no time! Apply for a free quote today!


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