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Looking for a Telecommunication Merchant Account?

If you are you looking for a telecommunication merchant account that fits all your needs, you have come to the right place. The telecommunication industry is a multi billion dollar industry that can be incredibly profitable if you take the right steps in opening your business. High Risk Payment Pros has experience in high risk businesses like telecommunication merchant accounts.

Despite the industry’s current growth it is still classified by banks as high risk because of the high chargeback ratios. If you are interested in opening a telecommunications merchant account it is important to be aware of what that entails. You will need to secure a merchant account provider that specializes in high-risk payment processing. Most traditional banks expect the telecommunication business to prove that they pay their bills on time and have decently low chargeback ratios. We specialize in high risk accounts and know how to handle businesses that are predisposed to high volume of refunds and chargebacks. 

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Telecommunication Merchant Account?

The telecommunication industry is growing universally at an unprecedented rate however the industry still has its problems. Since these telecommunication merchant accounts are usually associated with large processing volumes, fraudulent transactions, and excessive chargebacks banks label telecommunication industry as high-risk merchants. Negative account balances can lead to shut down. You might be wondering how a business gets so bad to the point they have negative account balances?

Well, it is actually much more common than you’d think and can be avoided with the right payment processor and tactics. When there is a high volume of customers demanding refunds it leads to chargebacks. This can throw you businesses into a dilema. The bank takes whatever funds are in the bank account and if there are no funds available they will draw from the merchant account. To prevent shut down of your telecommunication merchant account it is important take action and respond to customers immediately if they have a problem with your product. Banks take full consideration when reviewing your application, they look through your track record and history from the past. High Risk Payment Pros has underwriters that are specialized in high-risk merchant accounts and can get your business approved and accepting payments in no time!

How Can High Risk Payment Pros Help with my Telecommunication Merchant Account?

High Risk Payment Pros is the top payment processor for high risk merchant accounts. We do our best to get your account accepted and work with you to see your business succeed. We have a simple and straightforward policies and we help you with each step. High-Risk Payment Pros have the most cost effective and quality results in the industry. We make sure to thouroughly look through your account to speed along the application process, so we can giving your business the perfect merchant account in as little as 24 hours. We believe in being a team and supporting the companies we take on as clients


  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

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High Risk Payment Pro’s is well versed with the unique needs of the different telecommunication related businesses and has established acquiring banking relationships. We are experts in getting telecommunication merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments in no time.


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