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Due to the way credit and debit card payments are processed travel agency merchant accounts are thrown into the high-risk category. It is important to grasp a deep understanding of how travel agencies and bookings work. For starts, it is very common for issues to arise that may result in the customer not to redeem their ticket, reservations, or the product purchased and a refund is demanded. This can cause business money, time, and a whole lot of headaches.

Due to the unknown grey area of this industry, you will need a travel agency merchant account that specializes in high-risk payment processing. Almost every transaction through travel agency merchant accounts is card-not-present. This means there is a higher risk since it is an online purchase and flight tickets are not cheap. Prevention of fraud is limited when a customer either purchases over the phone or through a travel agency website. High-risk merchant accounts focus on the increased probability of excessive chargebacks, and ways to stop the dispute before it affects the business too much. If you’re a travel agency and in need of a travel agency merchant account looks no further. Here at High-Risk Payment Pro’s we have experienced underwriters that support and monitor your travel agency merchant account so payments are being accepted and disputes are handled. 

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your Travel Agency Merchant Account?

It is a rarity to find a so-called “cheap” flight to somewhere in the world. The majority of flights are over 500 USD. When the purchase amount in high it is classified as a high ticket size and immediately there is risk involved in the purchase. For example, let’s say a ticket costs 1,000 USD. The customer pays the fight invoice online or over the phone, this payment is then a card-not-present payment type. This is when it gets complicated for businesses with purely card-not-present payments. The client pays with either a debit or credit card and received their ticket through email.

Well, your bank account is up 1,000 USD in as little as 24 hours. Well, that nice chunk of money can just as easily be taken right back out of your account. If the customer disputes the charge and decides they want a refund for any number of reasons, this can lead to a dilemma for the travel agency merchant account. If the funds are not in the bank account, then the merchant account is responsible for giving the money back to the customer.

Frustration can begin to circle around your travel agency merchant account and customers for requesting refunds. Chargebacks cost you your travel agency merchant account if you choose a traditional bank to provide you payment processing solutions. The solutions with these types of banks turn into problems rather than solutions. After a certain amount of chargebacks, the payment processor and bank will look into the business and shut down the merchant account, which shuts down the tunnel of income.


Why Does this Matter and How Can High-Risk Payment Pros Help with my Travel Agency Merchant Account?

If your travel agency merchant account has a high percentage of excessive-high ticket size chargebacks then your business is in danger of being shut down by your payment processor or bank. Ultimately, these chargebacks and customer relations classifies your business as a high-risk merchant. All of this is important because it can negatively impact your travel agency related business. Underwriters for the acquiring bank and merchant account provider assess and approve or deny your travel agency merchant account. To have a successful business it is vital that you attain a high-risk credit merchant account with a supportive and reputable company like ours. The travel agency industry is high-risk and High-Risk Payment Pros is here to give you the customer service you and your clients deserve.


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How Does Being High Risk affect your Travel Agency Merchant Account?

So you might be wondering how this affects your travel agency related business? Well, if and when you are approved by a bank you will undergo intense evaluation. It is rare in this industry to even get approved by a traditional bank or generic merchant accounts like PayPal or Square.

Once a business is labeled as high risk, the probability of having a smooth underwriting process decreases immensely. You might be asked to show valid tax returns, corporate filing paperwork, several months of bank statements, and processing history. Your business will be dealing with higher than normal fees as well. Because of the high risk taken when signing on a travel agency merchant account, there will be expensive and unreasonable feeds.

For example, travel agency merchant accounts will require higher fees per transaction and higher fees for monthly statements. Most payment processors will also ask for a larger than normal cash reserve to ensure the bank that they are covered in a situation where there are high chargebacks and or refunds. At Payment Pros, we have competitive rates for all high-risk merchant accounts.

High-Risk Payment Pros makes getting approved for a travel merchant account fast and easy. Just fill out our simple form to get started by clicking here.

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