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Looking for E-Cig and Vape Merchant Account Solutions?

Look no further! Recently the e-cig and vape industry has been extremely successful and businesses have been in search of credit card processing for their company. If your goal is to own an e-cig and vape online or in-person store you will face many challenges with finding a sustainable payment processor.

E-cig and vape merchant accounts are classified as high risk by a majority of payment processors and banks. Therefore it is not possible to sell your products in a traditional and generic merchant account processor. For example, if you’re looking for an e-cig merchant account provider you have specific needs because of the risky industry at hand. Companies like PayPal, Square, and Venmo will not accept any companies that sell e-cigarettes and vapes.

High-Risk Payment Pro’s specializes in e-cig and vape merchant account solutions, we understand you’re unique business platform more than any other credit card processor and we have the experience to take care of your business.

Did Your Credit Card Processor Shut Down Your E-Cig Or Vape Merchant Account?

There is a huge market for e-cig and vape companies and they thrive in the digital world. After people realized how unhealthy cigarettes are for you almost everyone was switching to e-cigs and vape pens. However, most banks and payment processors do not want to join the current trend because of fear of their reputation if they supported the industry. It is very common that e-cig and vape business owners do not realize the policies and are left dependant for account recovery after they have been shut down.

E-cig and vape merchant accounts are usually shut down because of the violation of merchant account policies. The bank linked to your merchant account will then freeze the current funds in your account making it impossible to get your hands on your money. The bank will only release them back into your bank account once you have established an appropriate e-cig and vape merchant account provider.

If your e-cig and vape merchant account has been shut down it isn’t a small stressor, it takes a negative tole on your company. We understand the severe impacts after losing your e-cig and vape merchant account. High-Risk Payment Pro’s will help you through the entire recovery process and thereafter. We have experts on staff to cater to your companies needs and help your business succeed in every way. 

How Can High-Risk Payment Pro’s Help With My E-Cig and Vape Merchant Account?

If you thrive to have a successful online e-cig and vape business then the most vital part is securing a high-risk merchant account. If you do not have a reliable and reputable merchant account you will not make any money because you need a credit card processor to accept payments! It is worth the search, time, and money to have a loyal merchant account. Every business owner’s hope and dream is to be profitable.

Well, a healthy merchant account can either make or break your business venture. So we believe it is very important to secure the right one. High-Risk Payment Pro’s has extensive experience and specializes in e-cig and vape merchant accounts. We help recover shut down accounts and have solutions for optimizing payment processing so you are constantly making money from product sales. Not only are we supportive of the industry but we are excited to work with e-cigs and vape companies and help your customers have an amazing experience with their credit card payments.

Payment Pro’s has strong banking relationships that specialize in high-risk e-cig and vape businesses. We have fast account approval that can get you the authorization and merchant solutions you need in as little as 24 hours. We are here to help drive your business to success!

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Why Is The E-Cig and Vape Industry High Risk?

E-Cig and vape companies are classified as high risk because of the nature of the transactions. E-cig and vape merchant accounts are a more recent business model. There are many negative views on these products, therefor many merchant account providers will not want anything to do with the industry. Due to the popularity of e-cigs and vape products, the FDA is extremely involved and regulates the use, safety, and sales protocol of e-cig and vape purchases.

Regardless of what payment options your digital business may use, High-Risk Payment Pro’s is here to help your business. Apply with us today for a quick approval and excellent customer support.

E-cig and vape merchant accounts are considered high risk because of the inability to truly know the age of the buyer. This can lead to many problems and ultimately a complete shutdown of the business. There is no reliable way to authenticate the purchaser is of age. That is why it is important to choose a merchant account that specializes in high risk and is willing to take on situations like these.

Merchant account providers like PayPal will accept your application and provide immediate merchant account solution but the reality will set in after a few weeks and they will close your account. After your initial approval, these merchant accounts will underwrite your business and realize you are selling high-risk products and almost immediately cancel your payment processing. This results in a loss of money and client retention as well as your e-cig and vape business freezing until recovered.

This does not mean there is no hope for a successful business in e-cig and vape eCommerce. It purely just means you need the right payment processor for your unique company. At High-Risk Payment Pro’s we take care of all your business’s needs and support you so you can generate sales. We have competitive rates and keep your business accepting payments without the worry of shut down.

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High-Risk Payment Pro’s is well versed with the unique needs of the different vape related businesses and has established acquiring banking relationships. We are experts in getting e-cig and vape merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments in no time.

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