Mobile Payment Processing Solutions:

Mobile Payment Processing Solutions

Do you need Mobile Payment Processing Solutions?

Perhaps you just opened up a food truck and you’re ready to start slinging food in the coming weeks. Or maybe you’ve been working out of your home office and you’re ready to take your business to the streets.

Whatever kind of business you’re in it is important to have a payment processing solution. This point of sales method allows you to process credit and debit payments. Realistically, very few businesses are able to survive these days without taking credit card payments.

Yes, you will pay processing fees. However, the processing fee is a small price to pay when compared to the clients and patrons you’d lose if you didn’t accept cards.

When running your business out of a traditional brick and mortar location you will need to take advantage of mobile payment processing solutions.

But what options are available to you?

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at what kind of mobile payment options you have at your disposal. 

What To Consider When Selecting a Mobile Payment Processing Service

You already know about the credit card processing fees. All of that is boilerplate information and if you’ve been running a business you know a small percentage of the sale goes to a credit card company.

However, there are other specifics you need to keep in mind when selecting a mobile payment service.

First, always look at the term length and cancellation policy.

Ideally, you’ll avoid something that locks you in for an extended period of time. After all, you might begin to use it and discover you hate it. So you might want to consider a month-to-month service. High Risk Payment Pro’s offers a competitive month-month service without the pressure of committing long term.

Likewise, you’ll want to consider the fee schedule and if there is any volume requirements (both minimum and max charges).

Check out what sort of data security standards are used by the service and what kind of permitted use there is. Some services might not allow you to use the service in other countries or specific businesses.

If you’re deemed a “high risk” business (such as your work in the marijuana or adult businesses) there are some mobile payment processing solutions that will not be available to you.

The mobile payment processing solution providers will always highlight the perks.

That’s fine and all, but you need to dig into the weeds and look at the charges and what it might cost you before selecting a company that works for you. High-Risk Payment Pro understands how difficult finding the right merchant account provider for your company can be.



This is probably the most widely used mobile payment processing service out there. In fact, it has become so popular businesses have begun utilizing it within their physical location.

These stores have found using Square when connected to a tablet is easier to use and even less expensive than a traditional point of sales system.

Square is an application that is designed to replace your current POS software. With Square, you can manage customer information, create promotions, and track your inventory. Square is a free application for any mobile platform.

You can also connect a credit card swipe to your tablet or smartphone. Some are small swipes (they literally look like small squares that plug into your device), while others use a chip reader. However, unlike Payment Pro’s, Square has fewer possibilities when it comes to high-risk merchant account services.

If you do opt for Square just make sure you pick out a card reading device that is compatible with your mobile equipment.

You don’t want to pick out something that plugs into a headphone jack, only to remember your smartphone no longer has a headphone jack. This can be incredibly annoying for a business owner.

When diving deep into Squares software features it is important to understand that in order to take advantage of these features you will need to subscribe to the software, which comes with a high monthly fee. High-Risk Payment Pro’s is incredibly user friendly and does not expect high monthly fees.

When signing up with High-Risk Payment Pro’s, some of the features you’ll find include payroll, creating a loyalty program for customers, plus the ability to manage your physical, Internet, and mobile locations, all from the same application.



If you run primarily in the Apple ecosystem for your mobile equipment you should look into SumUp (it does have some Android features but it excels on Apple devices).

The transaction cost is a bit lower than what PayPal is at 2.65% (as of June 2020), and it doesn’t change this charge based on the credit card used for payment. You also don’t need to sign up for a contract.

This allows you to experiment with SumUp to see if you like it. If you don’t, you can close up the service and move on without any kind of fee or penalty.

The payment card reader is less than $20 and is a jack-of-all-trades kind of device. It pairs with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and can be used as a card swipe reader, a chip reader, a contactless payment (where you hold a credit card up to the device), and it accepts mobile phone payments such as payments made via Apple, Google, Samsung, and other mobile applications.

This option doesn’t have the kind of extensive POS software features like High but if you’re already happy with the POS you’re using there isn’t a reason to make the switch and learn an entirely new program.

The application for SumUp is easy to use and doesn’t take long to learn. So if you run Apple, check this mobile payment processing solution option out.



PayPal is about as old as it gets when considering Internet-based payment services. The company has transformed itself over the years and now provides mobile payment processing solutions. As is the case with all of the other services listed here there are some pros and cons with considering this.

PayPal offers a free app you can use on any platform and there is a card reader you connect to a smartphone or tablet. There is a 2.7% transaction fee (as of June 2020) and it is easy to connect a number of users onto the same account, so if you have different locations running at the same time you don’t need to log out and log in with the same profile in order to use it.

PayPal has a quick withdraw option. Standard withdraws take up to three days, it might take longer if you’re just starting out with PayPal. If you decide to go with High-Risk Payment Pro’s we get the job done in under 48 hours.

There is also an instant withdrawal feature if you need money sent to your account right away, although this comes with an extra fee.

PayPal is generally seen as a low volume processing service as there are no monthly charge requirements.

Many mobile payment processing solutions you come across will have either a minimum requirement, or you’ll be charged a fee if you do not hit this minimum.

It also doesn’t have any kind of locked-in contract, which makes it great when you want to start up with mobile processing and are not sure what to go with. It might not end up being the best fit for your business, but it is always there and is a perfect starter option.

PayPal probably isn’t the way to go if you do international business. Whether you sell goods in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe, or anywhere else, there is an added percentage fee on top of what you normally pay. This is on top of the processing fees and credit card fees taken out of your payments. Therefore it is important to go with a merchant account provider that understands your business’s needs. High-Risk Payment Pro’s tailors its services to fit your companies needs in order to improve.

Due to this, it is easy to approach 8% or more that you’re paying to banks, credit card companies, and processing services, just to accept a payment.

So, if you sell goods internationally, you should probably look at another service instead of PayPal.



If you are using Shopify for any kind of online sales you should look further into the Shopify mobile credit card processor service (if you don’t sell online via Shopify you can still look into it, but it may not be as beneficial if you don’t sell through the platform).

The Shopify application is free to use on Android and Apple devices.

The basic service is easy to use and there are no contracts, so you can stop and switch to another service provider whenever you might want.

There are a handful of different Shopify options to choose from, depending on what all you are looking to get out of a mobile payment processing service provider. The most basic POS is easy to use and is free as it is already built directly into your Shopify shop’s service plan.

The basic platform is good when you’re a smaller business.

However, as you scale up you might want to consider one of the expanded payment processing solutions (especially if you are looking at using Shopify as a physical POS within your storefront. This upgrade does run $89 per month (beginning November 2020).

It gives you a number of powerful tools and service features, including the ability to add unlimited staff members as well as adjust the kind of access these different staff members have to your POS.

You can track payments, monitor your inventory (including all incoming purchase orders and low stock reports).

You can also utilize the forecasting numbers, which will tell you when to order specific products and goods based on the trajectories of how you are selling certain items.

If you are not yet using a POS that provides these kinds of features it is more than just a little helpful. This way you won’t have to halt sales because you didn’t order a specific product in time.

Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services

This is one of those mobile payment processing solutions that works well if you already have a Chase Business Account. If you do you absolutely need to consider the Chase Merchant Services mobile payment processing option.

If you’re not a Chase customer you can look into the bank to see if what they offer is right for you, but converting banks at this time may not be an option you really want to utilize. Ultimately it is up to you.

Chase provides transactions at 2.6%, plus 10 cents per transaction. If, however, you need to key in the information it does increase the transaction rate to 3.5% plus 10 cents which can be frustrating to businesses. It kind of depends on what you’re charging. The chance of you saving with bigger ticket items can vary.

However, High-Risk Payment Pro’s has an incredibly competitive rate in the payment processing industry. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable transaction rate.

Probably the biggest perk with using Chase, or other bank-related mobile payment processing providers, is all of your financial information, as well as your physical accounts, are connected. This can cut down on the amount of time it takes to receive your funds.

Much like other service providers listed, there are no monthly fees and there are no long-term contracts to sign.

Other Companies To Consider


There are other companies that may not be as popular regarding mobile payment processing solutions but they are at least worth checking out.

If you use QuickBooks for Business you should look into QuickBooks GoPayments. You may want to also look into Dharma, which is created for established businesses looking for a mobile payment option.

In Conclusion

When you take your business on the road it is important to have all the same financial assets you have access to back in a physical location. This includes the ability to accept digital payments made with a debit or credit card.

There are a number of options available for you to choose from.

The right option for you may differ from others, so make sure to go over the different mobile payment processing solutions listed, weight each against what you’re looking to accomplish with your business, and then move forward with using the service.

You should also keep in mind your current POS and whether it is compatible with mobile payment services. High-Risk Payment Pro’s can offer the push you need in order to thrive and could be just right for your company.