Why High Risk Payment Pro’s is Leading in Bad Credit Merchant Accounts


bad credit merchant account

Opening a business takes considerable work. And yet sometimes even your hard work and dedication isn’t enough.

Perhaps you have taken out different loans or missed payments as you’ve built the company from the ground up.

This has potentially impacted your overall credit score, and yet now, as you try to open your business, you’re being rejected because you are someone with bad credit. It can take years to build your credit up from 580 (or lower) and hit a number that banks find desirable.

Does this mean you should give up on your dream of opening your small business?

Absolutely not. You deserve as much of a chance at this as anyone else. That’s why you need to consider what is called a bad credit merchant account.

High Risk Payment Pro understands the struggle you’re going through and is here to help. As a bad credit merchant account provider here is everything you need to know about such an account and how it can assist you with achieving your business goals.

Bad Credit Merchant Account

What Exactly Is Bad Credit Merchant Account?

bad credit merchant account

Depending on who you apply with and what bank you go to they might refer to this as a high risk merchant account, a bad credit merchant account, or a high risk bad credit merchant account (as if “high risk” or “bad credit” weren’t enough, they decide to join the two phrases together).

Whatever term is used, it is given to someone who has a credit score of 580 or lower. With this kind of credit score, you will almost never be approved for any kind of line of credit.

You’ll probably be rejected for the high-interest rate loans and even the loans of just a few hundred dollars (not like that kind of a loan would do you much good anyway).

You might be able to apply with a co-signer, but first, you’ll need to find someone who wants to sign up for such a loan. For some personal loans, you might be able to find a family member or friend to assist you with it, but when it comes to a small business loan you probably won’t find anyone who is willing to put their neck on the line for the larger sum of money you need.

Even so, the chances of you being approved for the loan are still minimal.

Why Are Bad Credit Merchant Accounts Denied?

Basically, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions will look at you and see a major liability. Due to what is on your credit score they will assume you’re going to default or will not pay the money back, which will end up as a net loss for the bank.

This is more so even now, with the current financial climate throughout the country, banks are even less likely to take a risk. They want sure-fire guarantees with their loans, which means they will pass you by.

There are a number of reasons why a traditional bank might turn you down. One of these reasons is the financial institution simply doesn’t have the kind of experience and knowledge on how to work with higher risk merchant accounts.

That is where Payment Pro’s comes into play. This kind of account is something we almost exclusively work with. We know the ins and outs of securing your financing with interest rates you won’t be able to find through a bank (even if they did approve you for a loan).

Because Payment Pro’s specializes in this kind of merchant account we have partnered with other providers, which allows you to give you access to a number of services you’ll need to get your business up and running. Because it isn’t simply about giving you a lump sum of money. It is giving you money and access to services that will improve your chances of success.

Services Your Business Will Need

As a merchant payment provider Payment, Pro’s does offer a number of services you may find beneficial. This can include help with credit card processing, for example.

If you run a business and you have bad credit you will find it difficult to secure credit card processing capability. And in this modern way of business, it is crucial for you to accept credit cards.

Very few modern businesses are able to get going by accepting only cash, simply because most consumers do not readily carry cash with them at all times.

So even if you get your business up and running, a credit card processing service provider might turn you down because you’ve driven your credit down during the process of opening your business. That’s not the case with Payment Pros. With access to credit card processing, you will be able to enable this form of payment at your Point of Sales system.

How Do I Find The Right POS System?

If you don’t have a POS system in place Payment Pro’s can help you with this as well.

We offer a number of solutions to help with this, including mobile payment solutions, the ability to accept credit card swipes at a physical location, and with accepting eCommerce payments.

Plus, all of these payments can be monitored by one account. This way, you’re not forced to monitor three different accounts but instead can see the funds coming into your business in a single account. This makes staying on top of your finances easier than ever before.

Stop Listening To The Banks That Say You Can’t Do It

banks merchant account

When you first had the idea for your small business you probably had a number of people, even close friends, and family, who told you not to pursue your business dreams.

They would tell you how difficult it would be or that you’d never be able to accomplish your goals. This can be frustrating to hear close family and relatives tell you this, but truthfully, if people are not saying your goals are crazy it means your goals and dreams are not big enough.

Let people make fun of your goals. It only means that when you accomplish them it will be that much better of a feeling.

As you take your next big step and start laying the foundation of your business more people will begin to tell you how bad of an idea it is.

Perhaps they think, in their mind, what they are telling you is right, but you know it isn’t. And you’re going to prove them wrong. So you keep going. Piece by piece, step by step, you build your business. But then you need help.

Why Are Banks Not The Right Fit For You?

You need help from the banks. You need to purchase a certain piece of equipment for your business.

Maybe it’s an industrial grill for a restaurant or a large screen printer for your t-shirt company. You can’t move on without investing in the item, but you don’t have the money and you don’t have angel investors for your company, so you turn to the banks.

But you’ve already taken out money to pay for services and projects up to this point. They see that you have a large amount of debt taken out and that, because all your efforts are being pumped into opening this new business, you aren’t working as much.

They will compare the amount of debt you have to the amount of money you’re bringing in and turn you down because of it.

You had gone so far with building up your small business, but now the banks have told you that they will not help out. This can be a frustrating blow. Everywhere you turn you see businesses open that obviously started with a dream and, more than likely, a bank loan. And yet now these banks will not give you the same opportunity.

You’re not asking for a handout or a bailout. You just want your fair chance. A fair shake.

Heres How Payment Pro’s Can Help You.

The banks might not be willing to give you this chance, but Payment Pro’s absolutely is. No matter the business you run or your current credit score, the staff at Payment Pro’s will help connect you with financing and the ability to run your business as any other business would.

With credit card processing and POS systems that can process payments from your website, from physical locations, or while you’re on the go.

Processing For High-Risk Merchant Accounts

high risk merchant account

Perhaps you don’t just fall under the bad credit merchant account category but you’re also listed as a high-risk account. High-risk accounts are businesses that might bring in money through means that a “traditional” business deems as unusual, or high risk.

The most common forms of this kind of business include running a dispensary and any kind of adult entertainment service.

Even though these kinds of businesses can prove to be especially profitable and take in money by providing a service or product in exchange for cash, banks and other financial institutions might turn you down for credit card processing or merchant account services because this is the kind of business you are. Fair or not this is how banks have stacked the deck.

But don’t worry. You do not need to play their game. You don’t need to accept this as fate and that you will simply need to have a significant amount of cash on hand (it’s also why so many adult venues and dispensaries will either take cash only or will change an extremely high “convenience fee”).

What Can High Risk Payment Pro’s Offer You?

Here at Payment Pro’s, we don’t think this right and we are here to provide you with the kind of financial help you need in order to process payments as any other business.

So, if you have questions regarding how Payment Pro’s is different and how it can provide you with the monetary services banks and financial institutions have turned you down for, all you need to do is give us a call or contact us through the website. Just because the big boy banks have turned you down doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

You still have a dream and you deserve to see it to the end. At Payment Pro’s we want to make sure that happens.

Finding Help With Bad Credit Merchant Account Providers

help with bad credit merchant account

Bad credit happens. No matter how you’ve found yourself in this position it is important for you to not give up hope.

It doesn’t matter how many banks have already turned you down or how many people have turned their backs on you, with the help of a bad credit merchant account provider such as Payment Pro’s, you can achieve your dreams of owning and running a small business. So, stop putting your dreams off and assuming you’ll never achieve them simply because of your credit score.


With Payment Pro’s you have access to a number of services that will assist you in building up your credit and boosting your ability to run a business. Check out the blog for further insights or feel free to reach out and contact the customer service representatives at Payment Pro’s today. The next step to achieving your small business dreams may just be right around the corner.

Why High Risk Payment Pro's is Leading in Bad Credit Merchant Accounts
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Why High Risk Payment Pro's is Leading in Bad Credit Merchant Accounts
High Risk Payment Pro understands the struggle you're going through and is here to help. As a bad credit merchant account provider we have got your back...
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