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High Risk Payment Pros has access to gateway payment for all of our clients. We specialize in digital payments worldwide and bring results to your business. Gateway payment is a merchant service provided by an eCommerce company provider that authorizes debit and credit card purchases for all major online businesses. At Payment Pros, our main priority is to help eCommerce related businesses connect in this digital world. We have the expertise to give your business the leading technology and gateway payment services you deserve.

What is a Credit Card Chargeback?

Automatic Recurring Billing

With High-Risk Payment Pros, you can set reminders and recurring charges on accounts. For example, you could set “charge 100 dollars on the 3rd of every month”. It is simple and easy; you select a payment schedule for one of your customers and boom! Done. You will feel secure and content knowing your customer will be paying you on the same day every month!

Fraud Prevention Tools

Cover your assets and forget worrying about the chances of theft with your business. We know the struggle when your business is tried and tested. We help our merchants to immediately screen any unusual and suspicious transaction behavior. At Payment Pros, we won’t let you gateway payment cost you huge financial losses in fraudulent transactions.


With our gateway payment services, we allow our clients to easily download their transactions into a Quickbooks-readable file. Simply input the date of the transactions you want to export, click a button, and just like that. You are instantly generated for import to QuickBooks. We keep it simple at High-Risk Payment Pros.

ACH Payment Processing

We make it simple to send invoice requests to your customers which will allow them to pay with ACH. With ACH transactions you can take payments from customers with extremely low fees involved. We provide the approval of ACH payments without the hassle. You can process a transaction the same way as a normal credit card.


Tokenization secures the data that would normally be exposed while the merchant stores the payment card information after getting authorization. This is incredibly handy for the success of a gateway payment and merchant account provider. It is important to have a healthy flow when securing the data.

Integrated Swiping

At High-Risk Payment Pros, we can easily swipe cards using our gateway payment for no additional or monthly fees. With provider USB connected swiping devices for a very low cost. Most gateway payments will try and take what they can from their clients. We feel it is important to be the most affordable payment gateway and merchant account, provider.

Customer Vault

You are now able to store your customer’s sensitive credit card data with payment tokenization. We make it simple and easy to manage for you. Once you have your customer’s data, you can easily create recurring payments and send an invoice.

Virtual Terminal

Are you interested in accepting phone-orders? Maybe ACH payments too? Well at high-risk payment pros we give you a breakdown of what it’s like to use a Virtual Terminal. With customizable features for your users and organize each order. No credit card information goes by without securing it first!

Inventory Manager

At High Risk Payment Pros we allow you to create products with tax rates, prices, product categories, and discounts. We want to make life easy for our clients, therefor when you are creating an invoice or writing a sale we have easy options and user friendly tools to create promotions.

Mobile Processing

We provide an on-the-go swiping application made for Apple and Android devices. We want to make payment processing accessible for your business! It is fast and effective when accepting credit and debit card payments on your phone or tablet, no matter what their location. Most applicators connect straight to your mobile device through the headphone port of your phone or tablet. Get the best high risk gateway payment provider for your retail or eCommerce business by applying today!

High Risk Payment Gateway for eCommerce

At High Risk Payment Pros there are many features with our payment gateway services. From inventory manager to automatic recurring billing cycle, Payment Pros has got you covered. We understand how difficult it is to find reliable payment gateway provider that will accept debit, credit, and electronic payments. Payments must travel through a payment gateway in order to make its way into your merchant accounts.

It all begins when a customer submits their credit card information into the website of the designated online business. The order is then sent to your server after being checked. The most important part of securing a reliable payment gateway is to choose one that will keep your data safe! Your businesses protection is vital for customer and company success. If you are a high risk business and in need of high risk merchant processing and safe payment gateway services, we have got you covered. At High Risk Payment Pros we pride ourselves on being PCI-DSS compliant and the top leading payment gateway provider for high risk merchant accounts.

High-Risk Gateway Payment Features

  1. Automatic Recurring Billing
  2. Fraud Prevention Tools
  3. Quickbooks
  4. ACH Payment Processing
  5. Tokenization
  6. Integrated Swiping
  7. Customer Vault
  8. Virtual Terminal
  9. Inventory Manager
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